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I am so happy that you have come along with me on this journey. Welcome!

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I am a wife, a mom, a food enthusiast, a wanna be writer and have severely been bitten by a home decorating bug for quite a few years now!

I redo forgotten pieces of furniture and create unique pieces of art on wood and canvas. My inspiration is mostly derived from people, nature and architecture that I come across mainly during my travels and on everyday basis.

A warm and classy home is always my ultimate goal…I am still learning every day, still discovering new techniques. Let’s see how far this quest to learn and do more takes me!

I also offer online classes and tutorials, in-person workshops and group/one to one coaching.

I am a nomad thanks to my husband’s job, currently based in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia, originally from Pakistan. My work is a reflection of the multicultural environment that surrounds me, full of vibrance and color!

New pieces and tutorials will keep showing up in this space. You can contact me using the details here or look for me on Facebook or Instagram.

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