All the creative brains would probably agree to what this blogpost is all about!

We all need inspiration from all around to keep us going. We learn and grown with our experience be it reading a new book, life events, discussions with a friend or traveling. Our craft transforms over time as a by-product of that.

Upon my first visit to Turkey years ago, I realized that old colorful buildings and peeling paint around the edges of their windowsills and doors really attract me for some reason. That was the first time when the way i view old buildings and streets changed. I fell in love with Sultan Ahmet, one of the very famous streets in Istanbul where most of their old castles, forts, bazars, churches and mosques stand proud and tall, lasting through centuries of time and generations of human race.

One image from another area ‘Balat’ (Istanbul again) is still as fresh in my head as it was just yesterday that i visited the place. I loved the vibrance of those closely situated two and three story buildings so much that i requested an artist from back home to paint one of the photographs of that area for me. It is yet to be framed, will share the picture with you all once its on my living-room wall. I am talking about this image right here.

These days I am obsessed with the following four places that I NEED to visit, whenever this whole horrid COVID-19 episode gets over (hopefully soon).

I have my mind set on painting something along the lines of this amazing image of Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. These 17th century European townhouses date all the way back to 1681, a canal surrounding them once used to be the busiest port in the area. Visiting this place is now on my never-ending travel destinations bucket list! watch out for my next buffet table which will be done with this gorgeous image in my mind. 

Colmar, a small French city which represents nearly 1000 years of rich European history through its architecture and half-timbered townhouses is also next on my destination bucket list. I am quite in love with tiny colorful townhouses these days.

I do dream to paint a canvas or two standing right where these blue boats are parked in this last photo taken in Burano (Venice, Italy), possibly right beside an anchored Gondola also!

Well one can dream, that’s the first step towards making anything into a reality. Wish me luck guys with the travel and painting plans.